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Somewhat nostalgic in clarity and concept, I’m The Best leads with a musically likable, refreshingly creative backbone, and keeps things anthem-like and accessible in the pop/RnB lanes – whilst offering the energy and rhythm of hip hop for a truly broad and welcoming audience reach.” - Rebecca Cullen

Stereo Stickman

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With an assist from ascending rapper R. Reed, Radio Fly has created one of the most vital hip-hop tracks you will hear all year. A dynamic, guitar driven production, 'I'm The Best' is a shot of pure adrenaline that will appeal to hip-hop fans everywhere.” - Jamie Walker

606 Underground

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Radio Fly is coming out on extremely solid ground with “I’m The Best,” unafraid to make bold claims and chase down big dreams…I dig the attitude, I dig the vibe…I’m excited to find out where this will go from here.” - Jeremy Gladstone